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About Essay Supermarket

Essay Supermarket is a website where you can get help with your essays, dissertations and other academic coursework from qualified writers.

How it works:

Essay Supermarket is very simple.

  • You post a project.
  • Writers bid on your project.
  • You choose the writer you want, based on their feedback and profile as well as the price they have quoted.
  • Your writer completes your project for you.
  • You review the project and release the money to them when you are happy.

Essay Supermarket is safe.

Unlike other websites that sell essays, Essay Supermarket is safe because your money sits in 'escrow' until your work has been completed for you and you're happy. When you put money in 'escrow' for your writer, it is put to one side, so your writer knows the money is there for them but only you can release the payment at the end of the job.

We can help with all types of academic assignments.

Our writers can help with all types of academic assignments in all subjects. Examples include essays, dissertations, reports, powerpoint presentations, legal practice coursework and research. Our writers can also help with other types of projects, such as proofreading, editing, marking and personal statements.

Interested in helping students with their academic work? Just click 'Register' at the top to join us.