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Common Questions

  • What is Essay Supermarket?

    Essay Supermarket is a website where students can get affordable help with their studies.  Students sign up for a customer account and post a project - writers bid on the project - and the student chooses the writer that they want to complete their work, based on the writer's feedback, profile and quoted price.

  • Does it cost anything to register?

    No. It's free to register as a Customer or a Writer and there's no obligation to post a project or bid for work.

  • What are your fees?

    Essay Supermarket charge 35% commission on all orders.  Writers typically adjust their bids to allow for this.  Essay Supermarket do also offer some premium listing services, which are optional.  These can be particularly beneficial when the website gets very busy during peak times.

  • How do I choose a good writer?

    Look for:

    • Feedback from previous customers (but be understanding - new writers will not have this)
    • A well written profile
    • A quality portfolio
    • A realistic price - professional writers don't work for nothing!
  • How do I get more work as a writer?

    Here are our top tips to help you win more projects:

    • Fully complete your profile with your education and certification.
    • Post a photo - customers like to know who they are dealing with.
    • Create a good portfolio with several examples of your writing.
    • Bid competitively but don't be too cheap - professionals don't work for nothing.
    • Personalise your bid messages - sending a generic message is irritating and shows you haven't really looked at the project.