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Essay Supermarket is an exciting way to get help with essay writing, dissertation writing, coursework writing and other academic work.


  • Post your project and writers will bid to complete it.
  • Choose the writer you want, based on their feedback, profile and portfolio.
  • Your money is safe in ‘escrow’ and you only release it to your writer when you are happy with the work you have received. is the safe way to get help with your studies.

Custom essay writing companies do not provide a safe service

  • Writers are not vetted, even though companies often claim they are.
  • Writers often don’t hold the qualifications companies claim they do.
  • No refunds policies give you no way to get your money back.
  • Service is slow.

Have you ever used a custom essay writing company? You can’t pick your own writer – you get pot luck. The writer that gets allocated to your project might never have completed a single piece of work for them. Or they may not have suitable qualifications and experience. You’ll never know!  And because you can’t see what other customers thought of your writer before you go ahead, you’ve got no idea if they’re any good or not.

You’ll also find service is slow as all messages are passed on by the Company to the writer and then back again. There can be huge delays in contacting your writer and getting the responses from them that you need, especially when the Company's offices are closed.

You also hand over your money up front and take a chance on getting a good piece of work. Most custom essay writing companies have get out clauses in their contracts that say no refunds. You’re stuck with a lousy piece of work and never see your cash again! is different

  1. Public feedback motivates our writers to do a good job.
  2. Your money is held safe in escrow.
  3. You can contact your writer directly whenever you like.
  4. You’re protected by our friendly customer team.
  5. You’ll pay far less for the same writers’ services.

We’re not an essay writing company. We simply put you in touch with really good writers who care enough to build up a good reputation on our website. You can choose your own writer and because writers know that you’ll leave them feedback at the end of the project, they are motivated to do a great job!

Plus, your money’s held safely in ‘escrow’ – this means you only release it to your writer when you’re happy! So our writers go out of their way to ensure that customers are satisfied.

You can contact your writer directly through the website too at any time of the day or night – no messages passed on through a third party lost in translation.

What’s more, you’re protected. If anything goes wrong, your money is safe and will be returned to you from escrow by our friendly customer service team.

You’ll also pay far less. Typically a custom essay company will take around £65 for every £100 they charge you, with just £35 going to the writer. In comparison around two thirds of what you pay on our site goes the writer which is why writers’ quotes are much cheaper, and writers prefer to receive your order through our site since they get a far better deal. offers you better privacy

Get the help you need without risking your education

When you send information and attachments to custom essay writing companies, these are released to all of their writers in an attempt to find you a writer interested in completing your project.

Any personal details – your name, course, tutor, course code, university, email, the document author (saved by Microsoft Word) – are left on the documents. Even the question itself – especially where dissertations are concerned – can be unique to you and easily identify you. This exposes you to a huge risk – what if your tutor or someone else connected with your course writes for the Company? They will know straight away that you are getting help! offers you private projects. So you can make your project private and only send it out to the writers that you decide. This eliminates any risk of someone else knowing you are getting the academic help you need. offers you more choice

Choose your writer based on their:

  • Feedback
  • Location
  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Country they qualified in
  • Quoted price

Many custom essay companies claim they only use UK writers in an effort to get more customers. But sometimes you don’t want a UK writer. Perhaps you’re studying the law or history of another jurisdiction. Or perhaps you’re studying in a country where the practices and standards of the education system are different to the UK. allows you to choose where your writer is based. You can also base your choice of writer on lots of other factors.  You're in complete control.

Post a project now

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