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bullying in schools


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Bullying in schools

Bulling is a popular vice that is common in most schools across the globe even though it is highly condemned. Different strategies are employed by different individuals and organizations in order to curb the vice. The students who fall victims bullying are emotionally affected adversely, and require counseling to overcome the effect. Bullying in schools is a broad topic, and this research paper focuses on the prevalence of bullying in schools. The article by Singh (2013), highlights prevalence of school bullying among the minority groups like the gay, and transgender, among others through case studies. The article Bullying; study results from school of psychology provide new insights into bullying (na, 2013) discloses the manner in which school bullying results to depression and increased chances of committing suicide in a study carried out in 96 students in Israel, at Herzliyya. According to D'Amico (2013), the New Jersey authorities acknowledge the existence of bullying, hence recommends for schools to have specialists to investigate the any reported incidence of bullying. Finkelhor & Turner (2013) tried to related violence and bullying because there are some people who argue that school bullying differs from bullying, however, the article concludes that school bullying is an act of violence that should be punishable by the relevant school authorities.  Asha, Waasdorp & Bradshaw (2013)notes that there are high degree of high school bullying with the victims feeling unsafe and have no sense of belonging. In addition, the mechanisms employed to manage the school bullying are less effective. Prather (2013) displays the challenges that face the African-Americans in American schools in a movie produced in different cities. In addition, the article also displays the tension between the African immigrants and the African Americans as they try to overcome challenges in the schools. Buchanan (2013), in the article School holidays increase the risk of cyber bullying emphasizes that though bullying is widespread in schools but during the holidays, cyber bullying is common due to the technological development of the internet. According to Perssona & Svensson (2013), a research in Sweden revealed that there exists economical benefit when funds are allocated in anti-bullying programs




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