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Sample Chicago style paper

Rational choice theory challenges people to think and maximize the outcomes of their endeavors. Cogent thinkers in leadership positions exhibit excellent formulation and implementation of policies that thrust their countries or organizations they run on developmental paths. These include economical, social and political arenas. Therefore, a rational thinker will thoroughly analyze the consequences and repercussions resulting out of his or her action before proceeding to implement them.
A person categorizes rational choice theory on various vital assumptions. The most common relates to a person trying to get utility capitalization out of their work. He will engage in what will benefit him most. As for leaders, they would prefer to stick to populist associations. This is to initiate, improve and reinforce their plea to the populace. This leads to the leader setting up his strong connection with the people.Studies have shown that the introduction of courses that stimulate the learner to think independently should be encouraged. They also be drilled on the importance of giving room for other people’s arguments should be encouraged. This boosts rationality in the community.
The president of Sudan Mr. Omar El Bashir decided to send his troops to war with southern Sudan on 12 April 2012. War entails a lot of financial and other resources wastage. In addition, no disagreement warrants people to cause bloodshed and murder of innocent citizenry. Above all, dialogue is always the best way to resolve disputes. Noting that, the past conflict in the country had nearly paralyzed the country. Mr. Bashir should have rethought his conduct and consider cooperation with southern Sudan .cooperation had long-term regional and developmental benefits, which Africa is currently looking for.
People would say that Mr. Bashir based his actions on his past rough relations with the southern people. Considering that, southern Sudan mainly consists of Christian. Mr. Bashir comes from the northern inhabitants of Sudan. These are Muslims. History confirms past chaos based on religious difference between Christians and Muslims. People would argue that the president would not accept to confer for a peaceful deal with the darker skinned people from the south. In addition to that, Mr. Omar would not evaluate the importance of weighing his morals, beliefs and values in contrast to the consequences of them. He chose war, which is detrimental, as compared to other solutions. Sudanese president Mr. Omar El Bashir is arguably, the most prominent example of African leadership disgrace.
Mr. Bashir being the president chose to favor the Muslims in his government and hence alienated the south from economical and political growth. Obviously, feeling alienated the southern resorted to taking arms in order to liberate them. In any case, cooperation between southern  Sudan and northern Sudan would have long term  benefits to the  general eastern and north Africa these countries inclusive, but  Mr. Bashir  in  rather weirdly  incomprehensible  judgment chooses war instead of dialogue. Africa need s totally stop irresponsible leaders of this nature to get to power ever.
Especially for a country that is aspiring to grow. Well-versed people would rather assume that the president is greedy, mean and lack commitments of leading the Sudanese citizenry to prosperity. Having a shortsighted leader is terrible because he   would squander most of his time fighting his critics. This is because it certainly creates instability and tension in the country. In addition, People would tend to assume that the likes of Mr. Bashir are not mature democratically and are a liability to their countries. Hence, to sum up, Mr. Bashir is precisely using the low-level information. Mr. Bashir obviously acted on poor information from his policy advisers, or he was very wrong on implementing the advices that he generated critically. This information had not been well analyzed ,criticized and organized so as to get the best option in as far as the conflicts should be solved .Person would conclude that he is not autonomous.


Kadera, Kelly, The Power-Conflict Story: A Dynamic Model of Interstate Rivalry (New York: university of Michigan press, 2001), 150-175