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Windows 7 is a series of operating system is the current release of the Microsoft Windows produced by the Microsoft for use on the personal computers including business desktops. Windows 7 is compatible with many applications and hardware with which its predecessor Windows Vista was already compatible with.  Windows 7 includes a lot of features which include in touch and handwriting recognition that support virtual hard disks for performance improvement on multi-core processors which Mr. Green already has. With these feature Mr. Green can be able to run his business more efficient and effective with little labor force (Ahdieh, 2004).  

            Windows 7 has an improved boot performance with direct access and kernel improved to support the systems with multiple heterogeneous graphic cards for better performance. It is designed with a calculator which has multiple functions that can enable Mr. Green to be more accurate in the accounting functions of the business. The Windows 7 blog has the tracing tools that can be used to ensure the performance in many areas on the operating system and help to locate inefficient code path and control performance regressions that might occur on the process (Armstrong, 2002).

            The windows 7 ultimate has higher resolution with high settings that will enable Mr. Green to perform multiple tasks at the same time. With the high resolution he is able to serve several customers within a very short time and this will enable his customer remain satisfied and maintained in his business.

Windows 7 Ultimate is able to have shortcuts on my desktop that makes it easy to switch back and forth when serving the customers. With the kind of memory, speed and hard disk space customer reference on the records stored in the computer is very fast and efficient.

With windows 7 ultimate you can have access to two features that are not available on Professional which are a company`s BitLocker software that offers more security features and a full language pack that supports 35 languages.  With Windows 7 ultimate Mr. Green can easily find his files and applications installed in the systems. With an office network, HomeGroup will assist in setting up the computers and devices that are networked (Armstrong, 2002).

On the other hand Windows 7 Ultimate has its disadvantages. To start with it comes in either 32-bit or 64-bit variety; this brings confusion on the most appropriate one to use. Once Mr. Green chooses one of them then he can hardly change his mind again without a full reinstall.

Some of Mr. Green`s old software will not work in windows 7 Ultimate whether a 32 or 64 bit version. In addition finding drivers for the 64-bit version is a tricky task as most drivers are incompatible with this version.

Most efficient way to install Windows 7

There are numerous circumstances where installation of windows 7 can be of essence:

  • Installing on a computer running on Windows XP
  • Installing on a computer running Windows Vista
  • Installing a 64-bit version on a computer operating on a 32-bit version of windows Vista
  • Installing a 32-bit version on a computer operating on 64- bit Windows Vista which is although very uncommon.
  • Installing on a computer without a DVD drive.
  • Installing on a computer without any operating system.

 I am going to assume that Mr. Green wants to install windows 7 on computers without any operating system.

For this to successfully happen, Mr. Green has to start or boot the computer using the installation disc or USB flash for windows 7.

  1. With the computer on, insert the installation disc or the USB flash. Shut down the computer.
  2. The computer should be restarted afterwards.
  3. Press the key instructed following instructions appearing on the screen.
  4. Select the preferred language and other preferences on the Install windows Page and then click next
  5. Click ‘Accept the License terms’ and then ‘next’
  6. Select ‘Custom’ on the ‘Which type of installation do you want?
  7. Choose the preferred partition where you want windows 7 installed. If no partitions exist choose ‘un allocated space’. Click next afterwards.
  8.  Naming the computer and setting up a user account with a password are the finishing instructions that follow afterward (Armstrong, 2002).


Major Benefit of hard disk Partitioning        

            Hard disk partitioning style provides security for the data from getting lost or damaged in case the computer has been attacked by a virus that cannot be managed by the installed antivirus. Disk type and filing system provides functionality and storage application for all the works in the business. There are some disk types and file systems that may cause more harm to Mr. Green business if not carefully chosen. This is where some backup can be created for the safety of material in case of anything.


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