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Sample APA style paper


            Character and values determine success in professional therapy treatment. Trainers and experts in psychology emphasize on these qualities since psychology deals with human emotions.  It is very different from other professions where stakeholders’ measure productivity on goods produced (Klein, Mavis, 2012). We note that people need emotional assistance in many  places. These include in the church, prisons, hospitals and many other places. Klein and Mavis in their book explains the traits of the therapists below.

Compassionate and considerate

            Accomplished therapist should be empathetic to his or her clients. The client base of therapists consists of mentally disturbed patients. (Klein, Mavis, 2012) Most of them having undergone traumatic experiences; the therapists have to be involving and ready to share on the patients problems dearly. The therapist must talk tenderly and softly to release tension and stress on the patient. This is because emotional instability is unique and they deliver its medication in a special way.

Emotionally stable

            This refers to the ability to listen and control the feeling of the patient without the therapist raising his emotions (Kottler, 2010). Some patients due to undesirable effects may be hard to convince during the dialogue in a therapy. A therapist should be able to control his voice and learn to agree on some issues with the client to reduce the incidence of exchange of words. He should also include time for the client to meditate, and internalize his advises.

Introspective and self- aware

            A therapist should comprehend himself well. He should learn to separate his personal beliefs, traditions and culture from the professions'. Therapy delivery occupation has its own set criteria and ethics. (Kottler, 2010) The professionals’ body in any state regulates these directives. They entail guidelines on therapist patient relationships. Ethics will enable the therapists to keep the client details confidential and provide valuable guidance in the industry.


            Emotional based disorders require time to heal. The patient has to take time to accept his present state and furthermore forget whatever lose he might have suffered. The therapist hence should check on a regular basis the condition of his client. He should also recommend to the people close to the patient to look after him since emotional control on the patient may a times overwhelm him.

Love to extend their education.

            The world is dynamic. Today’s new thing is tomorrows old thing. Therefore, today’s skills of treating certain ailment may be obsolete tomorrow. Professional in therapy suggests regular research into new ways of curbing the present problems. Therefore, the therapist should regularly upgrade their knowledge every time. A therapist should attend seminars and conferences for this purpose. In a modern world, the stakeholders regulate the industry well, and standards of education lay up to doctoral and other levels (Klein, Mavis, 2012).

Poses strong interpersonal skills

            The ability to relate with people is highly vital. Good speaking and writing skills cannot be underestimated. This is because it is the main channel for delivering service in this industry. Therefore, optimistic guidance heals the patient. A reputable therapist must establish a rapport with the client during the start of the conversation.

            In conclusion, we admit that various characters are indispensable for the professional therapist. The professionals have accepted them due to their immense suitability in tackling the day today problems. Mr. Jeffrey Kottler is an exemplary therapist with the qualities above. He is a therapist and an author of many years. Also, note that the therapists apply the above traits in treating behavioral disorders only (Kottler, 2010). There are various kinds of therapies available. Some of them include art therapy, family therapy, body psychotherapy, brief therapy and many more.


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